Altarbeast is
Amun Levy

Altarbeast is a creative den of transformation and astral projection. Man becomes beast to transcend into other dimensions of visual landscapes.

Amun Levy is a freelance Creative Director living in Southern California, and influenced by patterns in nature, psychedelia, and Trapper Keepers. A graduate from the graphic design program at California Institute of the Arts, his love for music and art have evolved into a progressive multi-faceted creative force. Music videos, poster design, brand identity, and stage visuals are all Altarbeast landscapes. Free-range, but not feral. Conceptual, but not condescending. Innovative, but not indecisive. Clients over the years have included Belkin, Beats by Dre, Scion, Google, JESS3, Coca Cola, FX, A&E, Dragonframe, YouTube, HLN, and iTunes.

Altarbeast creates projection visuals that synthesize environments in harmony with audio, blurring the lines between visual and audio. Altarbeast performs all live, original content, creating a distinction between out of the box VJ’s and projection as an art form. Significant performance location have been main stages at Burning Man, Lucidity Festival, EOS Lounge , Velvet Jones, The Deer Lodge, Earl Warren Showgrounds, and collaboration with artists like Ghastly, Loudpvck, Djemba Djemba, Dante Elephante, Woolfy VS Projections, Radio Skies, Thriftworks, Stylust Beats, Sweater Beats, and Dimond Saints.

phone: 323-698-6662