Scion_BPM_Thumb_02 Scion_BPM_Thumb_02
Scion_BPM_Thumb_01 Scion_BPM_Thumb_01
Scion_BPM_08 Scion_BPM_08
Scion_BPM_07 Scion_BPM_07
Scion_BPM_06 Scion_BPM_06
Scion_BPM_05 Scion_BPM_05
Scion_BPM_04 Scion_BPM_04
Scion_BPM_03 Scion_BPM_03
Scion_BPM_01 Scion_BPM_01

Scion BPM App
Web Commercial

Client: Scion AV
Role: Post Production / Animation

Releasing a new App for detecting BPM rate in music, Scion AV approached us with the concept of creating an lo-fi infomercial aesthetic, and we pushed the concept including poorly executed green screen keys, iPhones in space, and screen wipe transitions.